Turn ideas into digital product, without code.

Visual programming and No Code: meet Webflow 

No Code and Visual Programming are revolutionizing the way we can develop digital products by speeding up the realization and creation of web apps, sites and other digital assets.

Visual Programming & No Code development

Visual programming is a programming language that allows users to create applications by drag-and-drop elements, rather than by writing a code. This process makes the development process more accessible and fast, allowing to realize high quality digital products with great design and usability, without coding. 

The No Code development finds a common ground with visual programming: simplify the development process thanks to intuitive platforms. These softwares provides all the necessary elements to create digital assets without coding and therefore reducing the investment normally needed to turn ideas into concrete products.

The perks of using a visual programming tool.

One of the benefits of using No Code softwares is the chance to validate ideas on the market while A/B testing, without facing the challenges of standard development and programming.

Visual programming embraces the concept of MVP: a Minimum Viable Product that needs to be deployed fast and, eventually, can become scalable and integrated even with traditional solutions.

Scalability is one of the strengths of no code web applications which can be blogs, e-commerces, landing pages and many other digital products.

The perks of using these kinds of softwares are the reduction of development costs and a dramatic decrease of time to market.

Turn ideas into digital product, without code 

Hinto®Group chose Webflow as a partner for No Code and Visual Programming. Webflow is one of the most famous and most advanced No Code platforms on the market; it allows to create web applications by drag and drop predefined or customized element. It’s a practical and intuitive software that ensures valid results. 

Thanks to our experience with Webflow, we can design and create digital products ensuring great benefits to our clients. Besides the reduced TTM, decrease in costs, scalability and customization:

  • Flexibility: a wide range of standard and advanced functions to design complex workflows and custom logics, able to adapt to every work methodology.
  • Security:  Webflow ensures great data and app security, by adopting the best standards according to the current regulations and best practices in terms of protections.
  • Design: it provides a wide set of predefined elements and design models to create professional and appealing design, that guarantee high impact and usability.
  • Integration: thanks to add-on called “App”, community resources, templates and libraries, digital solutions become versatile and adapt to all development needs. 
  • SEO & Marketing: Webflow allows to manage much more than visual design. The platform gives the chance to handle e-commerce configurations and several elements for search engine optimization.

Webflow works to guarantee the success of your web apps

No Code & Visual Programming are the perfect choice for those businesses that want to turn ideas into digital products, in a fast and accessible way. Thanks to our experience with Webflow we are able to offer our clients all the benefits of this platform, guaranteeing impactful and functional results, with a drastic reduction of cost and time implementations compared to other approaches.

Start turning your ideas into digital products: contact us if you are looking for a reliable tool and partner for your projects.

Start turning your ideas into digital products

contact us if you are looking for a reliable tool and partner for your projects.