Web Marketing & SEO

Web Marketing & SEO

Strategy and analysis

Planning a strategy is the first step when it comes to Web Marketing, from the analysis of the target audience and competitors, up to a detailed keyword and user search intent research, our work is focused on identifying the strategic objectives for your business and to build a structured and synergic work plan to optimize results. We define the user flows behavior, helping them to complete certain paths and to perform well-defined actions in order to give value to your digital product.


We structure the URLs of your digital product to be at the same time SEO friendly and easily readable by users, we plan the tracing of the most important operations within your digital product and the various steps of the defined user flow, because we believe in a Data-Driven approach. We use tools like Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and Search Console to get quantitative and qualitative data to analyze together, to optimize the agreed strategy step by step.

In addition to optimizing the pages and sections of your digital product, we use the most important analysis tools on the market, to always have reliable data and to study in a detailed way what your users do.

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We create documentation because it is important to share the data we collect with our customers in a simple and readable way, in order to find the best synergies to carry out the strategies established during the analysis phase. We review your content, to give users the answers they seek, in the simplest and most immediate way. We use Google Data Studio as an advanced data aggregation tool, joining multiple platforms, to get a 360° overview of your digital product.


We specialize in the definition and optimization of e-commerce, giving importance to strategic sections such as categories or product pages, we use Marketing Automation tools through dedicated tools, customizing the user experience on your digital product, offering a dedicated service based on to your interests.

We combine DEM activities with the use of third-party platforms such as Criteo, AdRoll, or comparison tools such as Trovaprezzi or Kelkoo, constantly monitoring the progress of your investments, to always have the situation of your online store under control.

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Social Network

The work of Web Marketing on your digital product continues on social channels! Together we define the Tone Of Voice to be used, we review and optimize your company pages, creating consistency in content but still maintaining different ways of communicating based on the channel in question. We are specialists in Sales Navigator and Social Advertising, tools that can help you improve your strategy and optimize your investments, reaching a large number of people in target with your corporate mission thanks to targeted investments, constantly monitoring the progress of your campaigns.

In addition, we work on an editorial plan, to increase your Brand Awareness, defining "Style Guides" for writing content for your social pages.

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