Web and Mobile development

Our Approach in Web and Mobile development

The process and client involvement during all the development phases are critical to the success of the products we create. In order to do it, we make use of:

  • Agile methodologies, which help recognize the value of the functionalities and deliver them
  • Stringent processes, from the UX design, the choice of the technologies, up to the architecture design
  • Best practices, innovative methods for development and design


Why do we call the technology "a commodity"

By defining together product and strategy, we can better detect the technology to implement, the one that can truly meet the needs of project and company.
For this reason, we adopt the technologies that can live and react to pre-existing and non-existing ecosystems, thus remaining easily integrable.
Technology, for us, is just the tool.

Hinto - Sviluppo Mobile e Web

How do we choose the technologies, namely the perfect features that will lead us say yes:

  1. Company-ready: the technology has to be ready for enterprise level applications
  2. Diffusion: the more widespread the technology is, the easier it is to face some known challenges
  3. Corporate Backing: having important companies supporting the technologies is both useful and valuable
  4. Community: thanks to confrontation and growth, finding the right information and resources becomes extremely easy
  5. Transparency: the technology has to be transparent for the project

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