Web and Mobile development

Our Approach in Web and Mobile development


As a team, we combine flexibility with experience. Our expertise ranges from the creation of websites to online training, from e-commerce to CRM and to the development of mobile apps through the most modern technologies, to create unique, powerful, and efficient products.

We make the most out of cloud services such as Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud Platform, and we put them at your service to develop and manage state-of-the-art digital applications.



Technologies at your service

We involve you in all development stages and we lead you on the creation of your dream project. For this, we use technologies that can be easily integrated with pre-existent environments.

We’re open to the future and to new ideas, but we never lose sight of your needs and of the safety of our solutions. Here are some must have for the tools we provide:

  • Enterprise-ready: we want to provide you with ready to use and competitive tools
  • Prevalence: the more widespread the technology, the more likely it is that some of its related challenges have already been assessed
  • Corporate Backing: it’s handy and important to have well-known companies to back up these technologies
  • Community: thanks to constructive discussion and growth, it’s easier to find information and resources
  • Transparency: we only choose technologies that are transparent and open


We’re partner to important companies that turn your needs into opportunities: we develop platforms for online training rich in innovative features and open to future expansion to keep up with your growth. We design and create websites that combine the most recent trends with adaptability to future perspectives; we help you develop easy to use e-shops, with catchy and user-friendly digital catalogues, and we’re at your side in the management of your clients through CRMs that make for unforgettable digital experiences.


Our modus operandi

We value precision, reliability and fast timing above all. For this, weact according to an efficient and trustworthy scheme:

  • Agile methods that help assess each feature’s value and achieve it quickly and successfully
  • Rigorous processes through every stage, from UX design to the choice of technologies, to the architecture
  • Best practices, innovative design and development methods



DevOps: solutions always a step ahead of your problems

We’re guided by passion and curiosity for the future. We can offer you cutting-edge apps developed with always up-to-date technologies.

Whether you need us to design your new web site with stellar softwares, to help you keep up with privacy regulations, to digitalize your job and training, and to do all of this in style, we’re at your side.

We support you in the architectural development and management of applications with the best cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Benefits of our Dev and DevOps consulting

No Vendor Lock-In

You’re always free to choose. In a world where technology changes and evolves ever more rapidly, flexibility is a must to create successful partnerships. Too often, though, modern and efficient tools are paired with their providers’ exclusivity. Upon the termination of the contract, the client can’t change their provider, because the previous one still owns propriety tools that make them the only one who can manage the project. Thus the client, due to costs being too high or the inability to face technical issues, is bound to a practice that hinders their growth and will to experiment.


This is not how we are.
We only use open source tools to leave you the freedom to manage your business on your own, if that’s what you want. We offer you modular solutions and cloud servers on IaaS public environments, so that you must not depend on one single provider.

You can trust us: we know we’re only providing the best, and we prefer a trust-based relationship to one made of constrains and obligations.



Single Application Supplier

We value your time. With us, you will rely on one single leading figure for the hosting of your applications and the support on the software we will use.

One contact, one phone number, one face behind our service: everything is easier and faster. Your leading figure will be entirely responsible for your satisfaction, and in case of need, you will always know who to turn to without wasting precious energies.


Tailor-made flexibility

We pair flexible solutions with a specific and custom approach. We never suggest the same solution for different needs, but rather we use vertical technologies that embrace different fields.

Do you want us to manage your project from A to Z without having to think about anything? We can offer you internal hosting and assistance while we develop your applications.

Do you already have your infrastructure and hosting, and you want to keep managing them independently while needing support only in the development of an environment for your app? No problem, we can guide you through the creation of your project while leaving you the freedom to choose.

Our expertise ranges from the safest, most sophisticated B2B projects to the creation of e-shops and digital catalogues to make shopping easier for your customers. We provide on the job training to optimize the management of our solutions, we create cutting-edge mobile apps, and we integrate your projects with third tools to make your work truly shine.


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