UX Design

The Hinto approach to UX Design

We know that each project is unique and our solutions are focused on delivering the best experience to people. In every step, from analysis to design, up to the prototyping and testing phase, you will be an active team member; a project partner who cannot be replaced in order to co-create the best digital product: yours. 

Hinto approach advantages

  1. We realize a co-created and validated product which answers the real needs of the client and final user
  2. We reduce the development time: because it is easier and cheaper to modify a product created with a prototyping tool than to modify a finished one
  3. We limit internal and external problems related to the natural hostility towards change.

We understand and define

We are not fans of the same solution for everyone. During the first steps of design we gather all the project requirements through interviews addressed to the client and its final users or with the help of targeted and specific workshops. This way, we will follow the track that meets your needs and requirements.

In this phase we will reach together the following goals:  

  • We will understand framework, goals, and people who will make use of the product
  • We will define strategy and opportunities
Hinto - UX Design

Concept and Design

This is the moment when we prepare with you the first wireframes, at the end of several co-design sessions. While working on the UI part, we always start from wireframes and brand identity, to better answer the client and the final user needs. With the first prototypes at hand, we meet final users and corporate stakeholders in order to validate and improve the product since the very beginning. In this way, also internal stakeholders and users will be the project co-creators.

In this phase, we will reach the following goals:

  • We will generate ideas
  • We will define the functional prototype
  • We will check the prototype validity with subsequent interactions
Hinto - UX Design - Ideazione e Design

Consulenza e formazione sulla Digital User Experience

In Hinto organizziamo inoltre corsi di formazione, workshop ed eventi sulla Digital User Experience di ogni livello e per ogni competenza, destinati a neofiti, project manager, product owner e designer.