Totara: Freedom to learn

Agile management of the corporate training experience in a single LMS platform.

Totara Learn: fit your team for tomorrow work environment.

The market is constantly evolving and your company's training system needs to renew itself every day. Totara Learn is the world leader in learning management systems: it provides your organization flexibility in global training management and maximum team involvement. Be ready to embrace the future: begin to nurture present skills for tomorrow's success.

Totara Learning dashboard

Totara Learn is a transformative platform and can help you remodel your team's training experience


Migration without sweat

If your team already uses Moodle as an LMS, the migration to Totara Learn is simple and quick: the system architecture is based on Moodle plugins, with the addition of many improvements, and compatibility with every version. If you encounter any difficulties in porting some Moodle customizations to Totara Learn, our team is on hand to update your site.

Maximum flexibility

Totara Learn is open source, and you can adapt the platform to your specific needs: from features to graphic customization, you can define the training experience in detail and create customized dashboards for your team members. Customize your site on your own, or rely on the Totara Learn partners network and its community.

Totara Community

A stimulating environment powered by learning professionals who, like you, are motivated by the challenge of improving their team's training experience. In the community, you will find the best practices and case studies, webinars, and in-depth resources, but above all the Totara Community Support Team ready to answer any of your questions.

Blended Courses and Seminars

You can develop blended courses, integrating online and offline training with the presence of "seminars", and tools such as events and online booking.  

Private cloud on AWS

If you do not have a cloud infrastructure or servers to install Totara Learn, our team can take care of the implementation of the application on AWS. 

Discover Totara Learn 13

A handy set of new tools: connect your team members in a new and continuous learning experience online, mixed, and offline. Here are the main innovations introduced:

Training for everyone

Secure access to training paths for all company departments, team members, partners and customers, creating shared and private learning environments. 

New reports

Creating and sharing reports is now easier in the Totara report generator: a revised graphical interface and over 70 templates.

Open Badges 2.0

The Open Badges 2.0 standard has been integrated into Totara Learn 13 and includes a range of new features to reward, engage, and promote your team members.

Improved User Experience e custom Dashboards 

Totara Learn 13 ensures a level of customization of the user experience never achieved by any other LMS, thanks to customized dashboards and the ability to create templates in line with your corporate visual communication while maintaining the AA level WCAG standards to improve the overall user experience for assistive technologies.

SSO authentication and OAuth 2.0

Users can now log into Totara Learn 13 with an SSO or via an existing account from a Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, to create a fully integrated learning suite experience.

The 4 freedoms of Totara Learn

  • Freedom to innovate 
    Create the learning platform you desire with the power of open source, rather than being forced to compromise with proprietary solutions. Open technology is the key to your success.
  • Freedom to save money
    Say goodbye to expensive licenses and stuck contracts. Save 80% of the total cost of other leading learning platforms of enterprise level. Maximize your budget and invest where it matters: your team's training.
  • Freedom to choose
    Get all the freedom, flexibility, and benefits of Totara Learn with the attention and personalized service of your trusted partner. Unlike others, we believe that customers' freedom of choice is added value.
  • Freedom to learn 
    Put your team members at the center of the learning experience and adapt the platform to the needs of each individual. In this way, you will increase the quality of engagement and encourage teamwork, even remotely.

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