Pimcore: Own the digital world

Manage and aggregate your data and digital products across all channels.

The most recent trends are very clear: your business’ growth depends heavily on expanding your sales channels. The more the touchpoints with the customer, and the more complete data on your products are, the better the purchase experience will be for your customer.

If you’re still managing your channels and your data the old way, updating product information by hand and working in silos, you need a Product Information Management (PIM) tool to boost your business.

Implementing a modern PIM in your systems offers you a strategic edge on your competitors, and gives you the opportunity to lower your time-to-market for the launch of your products. And this all while guaranteeing more complete and engaging information to your customers across all touchpoints.

Pimcore is the best solution for your business, and we’re ready to help you in this new adventure.


What is Pimcore

Pimcore is a tool that helps you manage, aggregate, and distribute data and products with a multichannel approach, thus creating a personalized purchase experience for your customers.

With Pimcore you can create a coherent database, with precise and always updated data to build an exceptional customer experience across all touchpoints. Thanks to its headless structure, Pimcore can be connected with entirely custom frontends, and thanks to its Symfony CMS, typical of the most modern DXPs, it helps you to create state of the art e-commerce solutions.

All of this with one single agile and easy to use tool.


What Pimcore has to offer

Pimcore’s two most prominent features are:

- Product Information Management

Pimcore centralizes and harmonizes all marketing, sales and technical information. It cal acquire, manage and share every type of digital data, and it’s designed to be easily integrated into pre-existing IT systems.

Pimcore sports an API-based, service-oriented architecture, and it allows a fast and seamless integration with third-party softwares such as ERP, CRM, BI.

It allows to create digital and paper catalogues in your brand’s style.

- Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Pimcore’s open source DAM centralizes all of your multimedia assets (pictures, graphics, documents, video and much more). DAM thus becomes the focus of digital experience management.



  • Most of Pimcore features are free and with no licensing costs
  • All data are collected into one place, safe from data breaches and corruption
  • Reduced time-to-market and improved user experience
  • Omni-channel syncronization
  • Information transparence both for internal use and stakeholders
  • No data silos: complete control, customization and integrability
  • Asset optimization to grant brand consistency
  • High quality experience cross platform across all touchpoints
  • Pimcore is a Symfony-based open source software, which guarantees code safety and no vendor lock in.



Do you want to learn more about Pimcore and how to implement it into your business strategy?

Our developers are at your service to set up and implement Pimcore in a custom project tailored on your needs. We’ll know how to guide you to a smarter and safer management of your data.