Intersection Conference

The Conference that wasn’t there

Intersection Conference is an international event

Organized by Hinto, every year gathers, in Milan, designers and developers coming from all over Europe to discuss through talks and workshops.

The aim of Intersection Conference is to answer, in every edition, and always better, to some of the questions that are particularly dear to us:

  • How can we improve our processes?
  • Which new technics and methods can be useful?
  • How new techniques and tools can enhance cooperation between teams and positively influence our work?
  • How can we create a successful, diverse team and provide inclusive products?

We think that the perfect integration between design and development is necessary

in order to create digital products that people are happy and satisfied to use.  For this reason, we hope that by promoting open communication and integrative working processes between the design and development teams, we will make space for interesting conversations about UI, UX and development. For we believe that by improving the working processes of our sector, we will be really able to build excellent and cutting-edge products.

In the previous editions

We have hosted professionals such as: Eva Lotta LammJeff GothelfTom Greever and Val Head and we are sure to welcome other interesting professionals, who will share their experiences, on the editions that will follow.

We are already at work for the 2020 edition. Stay tuned!