More than a CMS: a Community

Drupal is not only one of the most robust, popular, and state-of-the-art Open Source CMS in the world but also a real development platform: powerful, modular, scalable and with the support of a huge community of IT professionals. Adopted and constantly implemented for more than 10 years, the current version is the result of more than 12 years of development, with more than 1,000,000 active members in the community, 30,000 add-on modules available for download and an entire team dedicated to periodic monitoring of quality and security control.

Hinto is Acquia Partner in Europe

In Hinto we offer company solutions that can set Drupal at the centre of any system. With low management costs and no licence fee, you will save time and money thanks to the possibility of automating many operations. This way, you will have the opportunity to focus on what matters to you the most: your business and its contents.

On a European level, we are partners of Acquia, a company which supports Drupal’s development created by the CMS founder; all our developers are Acquia Drupal certified and we are active and happy members of the online community as well as the Drupal Association.

Hinto - Drupal

Here is what we can do for you thanks to Drupal:

  1. Architectural design of web & mobile application with Drupal

  2. Native development on Drupal framework thanks to Acquia certified skills

  3. Drupal integration with third parties’ technologies and apps 

  4. Security and performance audits on existing implementations

  5. Hosting service and specific consultancy regarding the systems 

  6. 24/7 consultancy, support and assistance on Drupal