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Unleash your team’s potential with Atlassian!

You can integrate all of your projects with Atlassian, the software suite for the management of business workflows. Thanks to the utilization of Agile, Scrum and Kanban Boards, Atlassian can adapt to your needs in every environment.

Are you looking to improve your internal IT or HR flows? Or perhaps to optimize the management of project budget and time? Atlassian offers you a practical and simple solution to always have your activities' information and progress under control: a set of versatile cloud tools to help you organize your work and improve communication with your clients for businesses of every kind and size.



Hinto is Gold Atlassian Solution Partner

In Hinto we are proud Atlassian users before being consultants! We personally experienced the efficiency of tools such as  Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management, Confluence and Bitbucket, and we can vouch for the success they granted us. For this reason we will be happy to support you in the installation, configuration, and use of all Atlassian products.

We offer you advanced training for your team and Service Design for services, experiences and custom processes to adapt systems to your needs.

We only advise and suggest what we know in depth and what we know will help you improve your business' performance.

Are you already using Atlassian on dedicated servers? We offer you consulting and training, but something more, too! We can guide you to an ever more performing future with the migration to cloudDownload the document to know more!

Is this your first time in the world of Atlassian softwares for project management? Be ready to discover all the benefits that come with these products, and to manage in a brand new way all of your activities. The suite is scalable and easy to use, and with our support you will make the most out of it!

Hinto - Atlassian

The Atlassian cloud solutions for your business:

  1. JIRA Work Management
    Atlassian developed this software to manage corporate projects. It is geared toward business teams (R&D, marketing, legal, sales and much more), which makes cooperation more efficient. Jira Work Management substitutes Jira Core: this innovation will make interacting easier for your team, and give your projects' progress more visible.
  2. JIRA Software
    The must-have cloud tool to manage, plan and track your projects! Using Agile, Kanban and Scrum boards, Jira Software improves transparency and productivity for your digital products.
  3. JIRA Service Management
    Jira Service Management is the new generation of Jira Service Desk, the portal to open and manage tickets. Thanks to its efficient automation and to the integration with other Atlassian tools, it grants an easier and complete management process management.
  4. Confluence
    Atlassian cloud software to create dedicated working spaces for your teams. With Confluence, you will always have a trustworthy wiki on hand to check and share all the information and resources for the development of your projects.
  5. Bitbucket
    Releasing updated versions of your projects it's easier and quicker with Jira Bitbucket and its repositories! This GIT integrated code management tool gives you full control over your projects' status. 
  6. Trello
    Kanban-style, web-based Project Management Software.

    Trello is perfect for the managemet of medium-sized projects, thanks to its intuitive and scalable features and the many integrations with other available tools. 

All Atlassian tools are mutually integrable to give you full control on your information and its sharing, thus giving you a unique environment where to manage projects, development code, documents and tickets.

Jira, Confluence and all Atlassian cloud products have several benefits:

  • No need to buy external hosting services
  • No interruption of service for tools updates
  • Timely and affordable installation and utilization of the software
  • Quick execution, for an always fast and efficient suite
  • Mobile versions to connect from every device
  • Single sign-on and two-factors authentication, meaning safety and accessibility
  • GDPR compliance, to always be in line with local regulations
  • Data Store Location, you choose in what continent your data will be stored
  • Local backup possibility

Your business has a great number of users and you'd rather keep your data in house? Atlassian has the solution for you, its Data Center version.

Choose Atlassian and Hinto's experience, and managing your business will be easier, more intuitive and efficient, thanks also to the customization and plugin integration opportunities. 


Aumenta la produttività con Atlassian Insight

Insight è il componente che permette di trasformare Jira in un tool completo di assets management.
Grazie a questo strumento presente nella versione premium del cloud e su DC potrai:

  • Gestire perfettamente tutti gli assets fisici della tua azienda
  • Gestire in modo agile i servizi
  • Gestire assegnazioni in modo veloce e intuitivo
  • Gestire manutenzioni e scadenze dei tuoi assets aziendali

Insight è il perfetto completamento delle funzionalità già presenti nei prodotti della suite Atlassian, potrai aumentare la produttività del tuo team, e gestire al meglio tutti i processi relativi agli assets aziendali.

We're always available to support you and train you on Atlassian products

We can train your Team through workshops and dedicated training to make them ready to face new softwares and new challenges. You can count on us for the purchase and management of licenses, too.