Amazon Web Services

AWS - Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the most complete and used cloud platform in the world, with more than 165 services, 40 of which are exclusive and not available elsewhere.  As AWS Technical Partner, we will assist you in the design and development of applications and services to digitalize your business.

We will help you in creating architectures and manage applications making the best use of the cloud services of Amazon Web Services

With our DevOps approach, conceived to make all your digital applications faster, reliable and accessible. The DevOps tools we use, allow us to automate activities, simplify the management of complexities and offer the greatest control in high-performing environments.

The tools we use as crucial partners are:

  1. Cloud Providers (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform)

  2. Managed Kubernetes (EKS, GKE, OpenShift)

  3. Infrastructure as code (Terraform, Ansible)

  4. Microservices and containers (Docker, Kubernetes)

  5. Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) 

What are the advantages?

In the past, the IT sector has been distinguished by monolithic systems or solutions based on Service Oriented Architecture. The new technologies of software and application development should be able to adapt to the time requested by the business for their realization. This means that today, it is necessary to estimate a very limited development period to quickly enable new products and services.

Thanks to our Lean + MVP approach, we guarantee:  

  • significant progress in every phase of the realization
  • significant improvement on the time to market.
  • scalable, safe, computerized and hybrid solutions, for all your PHP, Javascript and Atlassian applications.

Realizziamo qualcosa di straordinario insieme!

Siamo consulenti prima che partner, scrivici per sapere quale soluzione si adatta meglio alle tue esigenze. Potremo trovare insieme la soluzione migliore per dare vita ai tuoi progetti.