The skills

We grow

Every day

We have developed soft skills which help and support us while working on every project, even the most challenging ones. Every day, thanks to a natural inclination towards curiosity and constant learning – we develop new skills, so we are always the first to discover and use the technologies of the future.

There are no certainties without data, just opinions

We will assist you with pinpointing the different scenarios and the possible solutions related to ecommerce and digital marketing.

We are UX Design enthusiasts

We will work with you to create extraordinary user experiences, which can lead to real results and increase your Business performances.

We develop for people, using the best technologies

If it’s digital, we can create it for you. If we create it, it’s going to be outstanding.

Docker Docker
Jenkins Jenkins
Javascript Javascript
React React
Angular Angular
Ansible Ansible
Atlassian Atlassian
Drupal Drupal
Git Git
Kubernetes Kubernetes
Maria DB Maria DB
MongoDB Mongo DB
NodeJS NodeJS
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Sencha ExtJS Sencha ExtJS
Solr Solr
Swagger Swagger
Symfony Symfony
TypeScript TypeScript
Ubuntu Ubuntu
Vue.JS Vue.JS
Logstash Logstash
InfluxDB InfluxDB
Wordpress Wordpress
Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa
Gatsby Gatsby
Python Python
Django Django
Solidity Solidity
NestJS NestJS
Flutter Flutter
Laravel Laravel
Strapi Strapi

Hinto Heroes: facciamo qualcosa di straordinario insieme

Hinto è in grado di aiutarti a raggiungere nuovi obiettivi offrendoti soluzioni personalizzate.

Scopri cosa può fare immediatamente per te il nostro team di HintoHeroes.

Se sei pronto a partire, anche noi lo siamo!

HintoKit: rendi il tuo Smart Working efficace

Ti sei ritrovato a dover lavorare da remoto?

In Hinto utilizziamo da sempre lo Smart Working e sappiamo che non può essere improvvisato. Abbiamo ideato 👉 HintoKit un pacchetto di tool indispensabili su misura per te!