Communicating brand identity and values through effective social media strategies


Circular economy and sustainability represents 2 fundamental pillars nowadays, and those companies able to embody these values, stand out.

In this context, we chose to partner with SAIB, an Italian company of excellence in sustainable design, to help it effectively communicate its values and activities through social media.

SAIB, an Egger Group company with a strong dedication to the circular economy, produces chipboard made exclusively from reclaimed wood, demonstrating how aesthetic beauty and functionality can coexist with a commitment to sustainability


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The main challenge for SAIB was to be able to convey identity and values to the public, along with the quality of their manufactured products, with the aim of increasing the visibility of their daily commitment. 

Sustainability, a strong point of the brand, while being a topic that is highly appreciated by the public, requires well-thought-out communication strategies in order to be enhanced to the fullest and not fall into the classic topic that everyone is championing in order to ride a trend. 

With these assumptions in mind, B-ond, the Hinto® Group's tribe specializing in digital strategy development, took charge of managing SAIB's social profiles. From Meta to LinkedIn, the goal was to increase brand visibility, improve interaction with content, and develop messages that could intercept audiences of interest to the company


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Design Process

Working closely with SAIB's marketing and communications department, we implemented a social media strategy by taking care of editorial plan management, content creation and publication, and reporting. 

Every aspect of the strategy is aimed at effectively communicating SAIB's initiatives, values, and distinctive features through graphic and copy management that can give voice to the uniqueness of the brand. 

The editorial calendar shared content related to the events SAIB has participated in or promoted, the awards it has won, the products it has made, and, of course, the themes of sustainability and the circular economy, which are found not only within the products, but also and especially in the manufacturing processes.

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In two years of management, Saib's Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels have seen continued growth: the increase in followers on an annual basis is steady at 25%. 

The overall interaction with content has improved, and the messages developed have resulted in the ability to effectively intercept audiences of interest to SAIB. 

With a gradual growth from a quantitative point of view and a qualitative improvement of the intercepted target, the strategy adopted has allowed the company to achieve not only an increase in brand awareness, but also a more effective and direct communication of its values and initiatives, as well as the possibility of consolidating new partnerships.


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