Lavazza S.p.A. contacted us for an exciting challenge: they needed help to redefine their complex and outdated workflows and to choose the best support tools.




Luigi Lavazza S.p.A., founded in Turin in 1895, is a multinational corporation working in the production and distribution of toasted coffee.

Our contact was Lavazza’s Digital Platform Manager, who’s responsible for Business-IT workflows about Change Request and Incident management through Jira Software Cloud.

We’ve been chosen due to our unique approach: we start working from Service Design and workflow analysis instead of going straight for the technological part.



Our challenge was to correlate IT and Business needs in a complex environment with highly Enterprise procedures to define working processes and get a perfect cross-platform optimization and generalization.

Piattaforma Lavazza - Hinto

Design Process


Our Service Design approach allowed us to set a service and its touchpoints and to optimize them. Following this step, we chose and implemented Jira Cloud as the most suitable tool for the issue.

We thus answered the following specific requests:


  • Analysis and implementation of the process required attributes (currently 4 workflows) to optimize/rewrite and generalize them for a cross-platform utilization
  • Analysis and optimization of the process requirements and SLA monitoring counters
  • Jira Customer Portal restructuring
  • Analysis of the information architecture and possible optimization
  • Evaluation of the use of the tool’s native functions.

The project started out with a Service Design workshop resulting in a Service Blueprint: a diagram showing the entire delivery process listing all activities for every phase and involved role. We listed all the parts involved in the process on the Y axis, and all the necessary steps for the service on the X axis, and thus we created the service model. The resulting matrix allows to represent the workflow for each role throughout the entire process, highlighting the user-accessible actions, above the visibility line, and the back-office ones, below such line. The roles can be assigned to physical people or other kinds of entities (such as organizations, departments, AIs, machines, etc.)

From the Service Blueprints our developers implemented Jira Service Desk Cloud to adapt it to our client’s needs and workflow. Once more the client was directly involved together with the stakeholders in order to avoid second-guessing and misunderstandings during the development stage.


Design Process: approccio di Service Design



Jira Service Desk and Atlassian Confluence, tools our client was already using.


Lavazza - Jira

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