With FISR we created a custom Totara learning platform for the management of members’ and staff’s technical training.



FISR (Italian Wheel Sports Federation) was originally founded in the 20s of the last century, when wheel sports went from amatorial and recreational to professional. FISR embraces traditional wheel sports such as artistic skating, race skating, roller and inline hockey, but also, more recently, sports popular among the younger generations such as freestyle skating, skateboarding and roller derby.

With over 50,000 card-carrying members and almost one thousand sport clubs involved, FISR is one of the main contributors to CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) global medal collection, and is closely tied to international organizations such as World Skate and World Skate Europe.




FISR contacted us to renew their training systems geared to managers and technical staff, such as referees. In light of the Federation’s desire for modernity, FISR required the creation of a single custom environment with different contents depending on the different sports, each with a dedicated management.

Their request included the training management according to variables other than sports discipline, such as the employees’ level.



skating derby

Design Process

We used Totara v.13 and shaped the platform on the client’s needs. The process involved our Totara experts, Sales and Copywriters.

As a first step, we presented a demo of the platform in Totara to show its full potential.

After several calls to go into further detail on the client’s needs, we developed a trial version to test the features we suggested. We imported data from the client’s CRM, keeping the original CRM’s fields on Totara.

In order to train the client on the use of the new platform, we organized seven training days (four for managers, three for technical staff) divided into 2-hours sessions. All sessions were recorded, and such recordings were given to the client together with technical material.

We wrote the first Italian guide about Totara for the client. After the training days we opened a seven-days window to test the platform, followed by one hour of question-and-answer time to clarify any doubt.



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