ENGIE Eps requested a dashboard to showcase their data about the utilization of their electric plants all around the world.



ENGIE Eps deals with utility and microgrid scaled containerized energy storage systems. The company projects and develops cutting-edge industrial energy solutions and maintains all research, development, and production departments in Italy.




Our client requested a dashboard to showcase their data about the utilization of their electric plants.

We proposed a webapp to read in real time data from plants all over the world. Data are aggregated, showcased and eventually expressed according to users’ needed reports.


EPS - Hinto

Design Process


We started by defining ENGIE Eps target personas. We then defined information architecture and user flows. Thanks to wireframes and navigable prototype we managed to create a modular structure to contain all necessary information depending on users’ categories.

The winning strategy was tackling one feature at a time and going through pro and con analysis, prototyping, development and testing. During the project stage we kept constant communication between our development and ENGIE’s.


Personas, IA & User flow
Wireframing & Prototyping
EPS - Hinto

Brand Consistency

We always strive to realize apps whose graphic design helps people reach their goals. For this reason we opted for design choices aimed at ensuring the highest readability even in case of small fonts.

EPS - Hinto


To build the dashboard we used React for front-end, Symfony for back-end, and MySQL. The plants data collection and normalization system is based on Logstash (import and normalization) and InfluxDB (storage, real-time aggregation, interface). The application backend Symfony provides time-series from InfluxDB and data from MySQL through GraphQL services.

We chose React for its modular and flexible features that make it suitable for an ever-evolving, modern interface. Reacts offers integration with the best JavaScript libraries; we used these specifically for graphs and 3D rendering.
Furthermore, React helped us carry out an entirely custom back-office development.


EPS - Hinto

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