We have supported CGT in the realization, along them, of many different projects: Sales App, App for the rentals return with SAP integration, a new searching engine inside their Drupal website and production of some key landing pages for their marketing department.


CGT offers integrated solutions of sale, rental and assistance in sectors such as Mining, Large Public Works, Infrastructure, Construction, Power Generation, Oil&Gas and Marine Mechanics. For over 80 years, it has been largely known as CAT–Caterpillar dealer.

CGT is able to understand and solve every need of its customers in a fast way, offering reliable and competitive solutions. With over 80 years of experience, it supplies (for example) spare parts in 24 hours, anywhere in the world.

The company digitization process, which began 4 years ago, aims at the technological innovation for all the services offered to its customers, in order to give that added value that only CGT can provide.


Innovating means starting from a new perspective: the Hinto Design Team “turned the approach upside down” by placing the end customer at the centre, thus realizing beautiful, usable and productive solutions.

Specifically, the Hinto Design team has:

  • created the user flows to define the user's navigation flow and the touchpoints
  • realized the wireframes with Axure
  • realized the graphic prototype with Sketch and Invision
  • completed usability testing in the field

The most interesting part was, for sure, the rental return app implementation, the most important business for CGT: the mechanics submit it to the customers once the rented vehicles return to the garage. Before our app, they used a paper checklist that had to be brought back to digital format. From the design point of view, we had to study the interface elements considering three major topics: the app had to be clearly visible in open air spaces, elements had to be big enough for the mechanics to click on - generally they have quite big fingers - and it had to be easy to use so as not to slow down the workflow. In order to check the good functioning, we carried out usability tests in the field with the mechanics themselves.

Our method

The user for us is at the centre: our project started with the design, the definition of objectives and a very usable interface, then structuring the development phase by making use of the Agile method. The activities were coordinated by a PO (Product Owner) as well as by the Agile Scrum methodology we use.


Finally, the CGT branches can use a Digital Tool - the rental App - for the return of machinery, saving time and reducing possible errors in the checking process.


We arrived at the creation of progressive Web App with React Native, React, PHP and Drupal for the website. These are the technologies which made possible fast development, scalability in terms of present and future implementation.


Two Designers of the Strategy Design Team and three developers of our App Team: a team capable of answering in an Agile way to the client’s needs that grew during the making of the product itself.


The client was really satisfied and left us with these words: The UX team helped us in creating the product we had in mind, reducing the development problems. The development team is made by expert and really helpful people. We are already preparing the budget for the next year: we want you back with us!

CGT - interfacce
CGT - interfacce