Cassa di Risparmio di Asti


We realized an ad hoc project on Jira Service Desk for CR Asti bank. More specifically, we offered solutions to optimize the workflow internal to the bank, with the technical office, and all the tickets related to the insurance world. So we connected procedures and activities coming from different offices from the bank.




Banca di Asti (Cassa di Risparmio di Asti S.p.A.) is the parent company of Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Group, founded in 1842.
CR Asti bank needed to understand and manage its internal flow to optimize its work.




The flow analysis in such a specific environment was biggest challenge.

We analyzed the processes to better understand how to optimize them according to the working groups and their specific dynamics. Finding the best synergies to propel team working and a common language understandable to all was the most challenging aspect of the project.


La sfida: analisi dei flussi

Design Process


An important was focused on the collection of the requirements and the analysis process, that we were able to carry out on the spot and in a closed environment where the interviews were conducted. Working side by side with the employees we managed to understand how they used the available tools. We placed great value on personal feedback, especially in relation to their manual tasks, in order to understand the best way to shift to Jira.

After the on-site analysis we had inside brainstorming sessions, and eventually, after some shared tests, we agreed on a release date. Both the in person and online interaction between the client and the working groups were key.

Design Process


We picked several plugins and Atlassian products, such as Automation for Jira, Email this Issue, Automatic Script Runner).

Banca d'Asti

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