3Bee, a leading company in the field of beekeeping, wanted to revive the core of their website, improving its User Experience and performance



Founded in 2017, 3Bee is an agri-technological startup whose goal is the conservation biodiversity and bees through the implementation of modern technologies.

Mixing biology and electronics and using IoT monitoring systems, 3Bee allows beekeepers to remote control their beehive: scales and sensors sent data to an app that enables to analyze charts via smartphone or PC and thus plan apiary interventions.

3Bee gives people the chance to sponsor a beehive: a simple yet highly significative gesture to help protect our planet. Sponsoring a beehive means following its development and receiving at home the honey it produces.

At present, 3Bee is especially involved in the promotion of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. The most active channels are social networks, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, while offline 3Bee focuses on creative initiatives such as the unique Milan tram flower ADV to raise awareness on climate change among people.



Our client wanted to revive the core of their website, improving its User Experience and performance


Hinto - 3bee

Design Process

Our intervention focused on three main topics:


3Bee sports a strong brand identity based on three colors: white, yellow, and black. We didn’t intervene on this choice, but we suggested readability tests to show what combinations of background and colors are the most visible for the users contrast-wise. In this context we analyzed fonts and icons as well.

Learning curve reduction

To keep the user focused on content and goals we targeted their eidetic memory and redesigned both the layout of the pages and information architecture.


Our analysis then shifted to the site’s contents in order to line them up with 3Bee’s brand identity. We didn’t focus on tone of voice and call to actions microcopy alone, but also on the contents’ organization, so that they could show clearly processes (such as sponsoring a beehive) and statistical information, without neglecting the user’s emotional involvement.



3Bee needed a modern showcase website, both fast-reacting and easily usable.
For this reason, at first we opted for Gatsby, a Javascript React-based open-source framework.
Our goal was to create a mostly static, highly performative website, so we confirmed our client’s technological choices and added an ad hoc plugin to manage the site’s translation and data entry. This allowed us to follow 3Bee’s needs for the set up, such as the management of dynamic portions and the connection with API to verify in real time the availability of some products.






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