The People

We are a bunch of nerds, creatives, designers, guitar players, climbers, skilled gourmet, surfers and tireless binge watchers. We conceive, design and create technological projects devised around the people who will make use of them. We work with pride and passion in smart working, aiming at our growth as well as that of our clients. We always keep in mind three guidelines: the constant contamination of knowledge, the capability of adapting to changes in a fluid way and the empathy as a way to approach the world.

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foto normale Melan
foto divertente Melan

Melan is a boxer but when the gloves are in the closet... he loves to mingle, to laugh and his little golden fish!

Melan Suduwelikada

IBM Power i Expert

Fototessera Fabrizio
Fototessera Fabrizio fun

He loves listening to music, and hiking in the mountains and by the sea. He also tries to play sports... and often stops at trying!

Fabrizio Costantini

Product Owner

foto normale Iva
foto divertente Iva

Happiness has the shape of a book, tastes like chocolate and sound like Coldplay. She is an amazing surprise party planner, just make sure that the date is the right one!

Iva Toska

People Experience Leader Hinto Factory

foto normale Francesco
foto divertente Francesco

Design and innovation are Francesco's bread and butter. Extra seasoning? yes: curiosity and a passion for chocolate.

Francesco d'Angela

Service Designer



"To infinity and beyond!". Like Buzz Lightyear he is always looking for new adventures. He is ready to lead the action between a trip, a new recipe and a TV marathon.

Giovanni Noce

Product Owner

foto normale Andrea
foto divertente Andrea


Andrea compares his family to a chessboard: he is the King, and together with his Queen he enjoys watching at their little pawn growing.

Andrea Pannitti

Atlassian Senior Engineer

foto normale Monica

Monica has her feet on her ground and the sight towards the moon. She is becoming a sommelier, to get closed to her beloved South Africa.

Monica Moruzzi

Group CFO

foto Davide normale
foto Davide divertente


As soon as he has a moment of free time he looks for some recipes to replicate and gets to work in front of the stove. It does not always succeed in the desired result, but the full plate is always guaranteed!


Davide Pastorello

Software Engineer

Fototessera Pierdavide
Fototessera Pierdavide fun

Every week he has an appointment with his Friday evening aperitivo. An important ritual to celebrate the beginning of the weekend!

Pierdavide Giacchino

Software Engineer

Antonio Bitonti
Antonio Bitonti

"It's a journey, not a destination”, he said the day he fell asleep on a train and found himself a few cities away from his university.



Antonio Bitonti

Atlassian Software Engineer

foto normale Giada
foto divertente Giada

A fan of all cats, not even allergy can stop her! Her kitties Fuji and Maki are like her children, but she would adopt many more if she could.

Giada Cislaghi

Corporate Accounting

Luigi Abbamonte
Luigi Abbamonte

His true “addiction” is having an addiction. Photography, swimming, TV shows, books, his little nieces... This is only what’s on top of the list!

Luigi Abbamonte

Drupal Chapter Leader

Andrea Raggi
Andrea Raggi fun

Has he ever told you that time when he came earlier to his friend's house, ignoring the fact the date was planned for the next day? Trust me, ask him to tell you all the story!



Andrea Raggi

Software Architect

foto normale Michele
foto divertente Michele

Michele’s perfect day? Touring around Naples with his beloved ebike, possibly staying away from the crowd and... gourmet restaurants.

Michele Palomba

Software Engineer

Fototessera Simone
Fototessera Simone fun

He spends his days between coding, Lego and modelling, but there's always time for a TV series with his family

Simone Marchese

Software Engineer

Fototessera Marco
Marco Faccio

Hooded sweatshirts are his must-have! 

Marco Faccio

Software Engineer

foto normale Renis
foto divertente Renis

In his past life he was an olympic ping-pong player. He loves Milan more than his girlfriend and he is not afraid to admit it.

Renis Isufi

Software Engineer Hinto Factory

foto normale Amanda
foto divertente Amanda

Swedish-born but Italian at heart. She loves walking in the woods with Lillefot, her dachshund, and drinking tea... instead of coffee!

Amanda Johansson

Business Development

foto normale Laura
foto divertente Laura

Planner-aholic for her family's activities, she is always on the move and surrounded by people. The one thing that might stop her? High heels!

Laura Falconi

Corporate Accounting

Fototessera Domenico
Fototessera Domenico fun

In his digital projects he puts the same care and passion that allow him to grow every plant from a simple seed. A true developer with a green thumb!

Domenico Lupo

Software Engineer

foto normale Luca
foto divertente Luca

Curiosity is his main characteristic: always ready to go and visit any place in the world.

Luca Bonifante

IBM Power i Expert

foto normale Laura
foto divertente Laura

Her head gets lots in the Cilento sunsets, her heart belongs to the stars and she is probably the only Italian who loves smooth penne.

Laura De Vita

Atlassian Senior Engineer

foto normale Maham
foto divertente Maham


When OOO, Maham can’t stay away from his fav food, superheroes movies and his wife, they are crazily in love.



Maham Mehrabi

Software Developer

Giovanni 1
Giovanni 2

Between reading manga and watching Inter football matches, Giovanni is always ready for a new trip, especially if he's with Kira, his dog.

Giovanni D'Agostino

Software Developer


One of the few Neapolitans who prefers pan pizza! Plus...he can't do without sushi twice a week.

Alessio Maisano

UI Designer

foto normale Klajdi
foto divertente Klajdi

Do you think you know everything about Game of Thrones? You haven’t met Klajdi. Challenge him… if you dare!

Klajdi Zmalaj

Software Engineer Hinto Factory


Her greatest passion? As a true Sardinian, the sea... at sunset, even better with a glass of prosecco!

Fabiana Pittalis

Atlassian Software Engineer

Matteo Dario
Matteo Dario

The perfect ingredients in Matteo's life? Game Console, mangas and digital marketing. Do not take away sushi, especially if it comes with a good book or a video game!

Matteo Dario

Digital Marketing Manager

foto normale federico
foto divertente federico

Half of his time goes away on Internet and VR, the other half is spend in discovering the world, especially if it is about asian food and folk music instrument.

Federico Stefani

Cloud AR Engineer

foto normale Erika
foto divertente Erika

Erika's thoughts can be interrupted by three things only: the sound of the sea, the sound of her fingers tapping on the keyboard and... a night out for dinner!

Erika Bruno

Marketing Specialist

Mauro Pugliese
Mauro Pugliese

He started his career by making a fool of himself. Are you curious? do not worry, he’ll tell you everything as soon as you meet him.




Mauro Pugliese


Roberta Antonini
Roberta Antonini

You'll never get her to pass the dark side. She doesn't want to be on social networks, even if there are cookies.

Roberta Antonini


Fototessera Leonardo
Fototessera Leonardo fun

Basketball has always been his passion. Needless to say, he's a great player, especially when it comes to dunking to-do-lists from his desk into the trash bin.


Leonardo De Rubeis


foto normale Silvia
foto divertente Silvia

Silvia loves natura since she was a little girl: she loved it so much she even invented new exotic mountain animals. Curious? Ask which creature got a brand new pair of wings.

Silvia Mondelli

Business Development Manager

Raffaele Chiocca
Raffaele Chiocca

He says he is a true Neapolitan, but he secretly loves his pizza with fries and würstel.

Raffaele Chiocca

Drupal Ambassador e Software Engineer

foto normale Vilson
foto divertente Vilson

Passionated about traveling, quality time with friends and his work, Vilson loves to push the boundaries. Don’t challenge him, you’ll deal with a tough cookie...

Vilson Isaku

Software Engineer Hinto Factory

foto normale Andrea
foto divertente Andrea

Between a football match and a beer in the mountains, Andrea is the perfect travel buddy for globetrotting, but beware Marvel movies...

Andrea Serafini

Software Engineer

Fototessera Jessica
Fototessera Jessica fun

Just like her cats, she's curious and loves to look at the world from different points of view: one of her favourite is upside down, spinning fast as she pole dances.

Jessica Marangoni

UI/UX Specialist


His perfect day? Wake up early, climb, relax with a good book and Sprizt in the flask!

Adriano Guarnieri

Design Strategy Chapter Leader

foto normale Enrico
foto divertente Enrico

He describes himself as a very social and sociable person even if, sometimes, he does not immediately "focus" on the people he has known... for years!

Enrico Bendazzoli

Software Engineer RPG e linguaggi evoluti


When she is not cutting and sewing, her attentions are all for "Giuseppi": her sourdough manages to make even Neapolitans envious!

Irene Fano


foto normale Mattia
foto divertente Mattia


Challenge mode always on: Mattia loves sport and playing chess. The only quest he can’t face? A night watching “Game of Thrones” on the couch, he would easily fall asleep!

Mattia Maurizio

Software Engineer

What we do best is to use and try new technologies: this is how our work team is formed, located in many different places yet always connected and side-by-side.  We firmly think it is not necessary to meet every single day to do something great together.


Music constantly accompanies his days, including the "Imperial March" as he dresses his baby in a Star Wars theme!

Simone Tallarita

UI Designer

Gabriele foto normale
Gabriele foto simpatica

Everything but the greens: that's the picture of Gabriele. He loves to mingle, eating pasta and playing football. But.. don't ask him to order food... it will be a real challenge!

Gabriele Di Leo

Software Engineer

foto normale Gazmir
foto divertente Gazmir

Travel, music and the US rapper Kanye West are his main passions. Careful to Gazmir parking skills, he has a short memory that can cause some "damages"!

Gazmir Sulcaj

Managing Director Operations Hinto Factory

federica foto normale
federica foto divertente

Federica loves nature and walking in the woods with her puppy Daisy. Paris, her kitty, prefers to wait for them at home instead!

Federica Del Pincio

Product Owner

foto normale Alice
foto divertente Alice

Alice and her Watchmen are one: comics, art and cinema are her bread and butter. If you are looking for a traveling companion, she is the person for you.


Alice Chiola

Product Owner

foto normale Valentina
foto divertente Valentina


Are you looking for Valentina? We bet she's hiding behind a book: novels, thrillers, fantasy, adventures...any kind, better if she can do it with a good piece of cake!



Valentina Guerrera

Legal Counsel & Procurement

It might be you
It might be you

If you feel you have something or a lot in common with us, why don't you look at our open positions?

It might be you
Fototessera Eros
Fototessera Eros fun

Legend says that he knows all the steps of rain dance, an infallible method to hymn the arrival of his beloved thunderstorms!

Eros Campitelli

Business Developer Manager


When he thinks of clouds he can just imagine the "magic" world of the Cloud. For him isn't just a job, it's his passion that keeps him awake even the night!

Marco Dell'Orto


Fototessera Fabiano
Fototessera Fabiano fun


His daughters, Juventus FC, rap music and Tarantino are the rulers of his heart. His superpower? Turning coffee into code.



Fabiano Roberto

Back End Chapter Leader

Matteo Spini
Matteo Spini fun

It's not a secret that his body works differently from that of other ordinary mortals: not thanks to oxygen, but thanks to the immense power of the pasta!

Matteo Spini

SEO and Web Marketing Specialist

Alessandra Petromilli
Alessandra Petromilli

One woman, a thousand superpowers. But do not leave her without food or she will turn into Hulk.

Alessandra Petromilli




Between a Beethoven symphony, a code string and a glass of prosecco he spends his free time "doing instagrammable things".

Giulio Poggia

Software Engineer

foto normale Ariel
foto divertente Ariel

"The best defense is surely a good offense strategy" this is the way our football lover Ariel is always... ready!

Ariel Jaupi

Software Engineer Hinto Factory


When he's not not developing on his pc, basketball, snowboarding, surfing and a good craft beer are the perfect ingredients of his days!

Riccardo Paradisi

Software Engineer

Fototessera Michele
Fototessera Michele fun

He recently replaced sports and TV series to children’s fairy tales. We can say with certainty that he has become a true expert of the sector!

Michele Menichelli

Software Engineer

foto normale Paolo
foto divertente Paolo

Paolo won’t say no to anything that’s new: he is always ready to climb the next mountain made of… Lego blocks!

Paolo Patete

Senior Product Owner

Fototessera Paolo Ferrante
Fototessera Paolo Ferrante fun

His morning pancakes give him the charge to face: keywords, tags, and analytics. No tool can escape him. 

Paolo Ferrante

Digital Marketing Chapter Leader

Paolo Bolla
Paolo Bolla

If you want to hypnotize him, let him listen to Mozart's Requiem. The antidote? Just recite any step from "The Hobbit".

Paolo Bolla

Atlassian Software Engineer

foto normale Antonluca
foto divertente Antonluca

He loves bmovies, sushi and potato-couching. He has a passion for pizza too, but he has a dark secret: he eats it... with mayo!

Antonluca Braghin

Sales Director Boost Projects

Ria 1
Ria 2

When she's not surfing the waves of the sea, Martina is mixing music like a DJ... but only in the darkness of her room.

Martina Ria

Product Owner

foto normale simonetta
foto divertente simonetta

A sitcom, a nature walk and a rock music playlist: this is Simonetta, always ready for new experiences.


Simonetta Di Lorenzo

Inside Sales

Maria Luisa foto normale
Maria Luisa foto divertente


Sporty, sea and art addicted... and she'd never say no to a good dinner! The most important thing? Lolita, her furry-roomie!


Maria Luisa Zappalà

Digital and Innovation Manager


Her eyes are a big camera ready to capture every moment. Running, cycling, skiing, parachute: she doesn't miss anything!

Noemi Sgavetti

People Experience Leader

Ester Barbato
Ester Barbato

Here she is, judging a book by its cover. Lover of beauty, relentless designer, supermassive post-it user.

Ester Barbato

UX/UI Chapter Leader

Fototessera Giulia
Fototessera Giulia fun

Positive, practical, and always ready to fly on her quad roller skates. She has a twin sister, and while they look similar... she's the tidy one!

Giulia Sciannamea

Internal Auditor

Fototessera Alessio
Fototessera Alessio fun

He’d never give up his bike! But one day, feeling like a real pilot, he was mistaken for a gas station attendant...let him tell you how things went!




Alessio Di Matteo

Front End Chapter Leader

Fototessera Alessandra
Fototessera Alessandra fun

Curious and constantly looking for projects, travels, adventures and new foods to taste (but always with a pack of Apulian tarallini in her backpack!) 

Alessandra Sarangelo

UI/UX Specialist

Nino Marrazzo
Nino Marrazzo

A man of a thousand and one proverbs, he mixes Marxist politics, progressive rock, transverse flute, guitar, books. And he also has time to cultivate his garden.

Nino Marrazzo

Software Engineer

Andrea Labarile
Andrea Labarile

Have you ever wondered if lazy surfers exist? Well, you have just found one. You have also found one of the fewest human beings on earth who does not listen to music.

Andrea Labarile

UI/UX Specialist

We have a good eye to recognise talent, but we all know that talent alone is not enough: for this reason, through constant learning, competences and ideas can be transformed into highly performing products, which can make us proud and can improve people’s lives. We are like a circle which starts behind and ends beyond the desk: we like to work promoting balance between professional life and free time, so that every picnic on the grass, every ridden wave and every new project is faced with the same enthusiasm.

We like thinking of Hinto as a working progress neologism. A voice constantly enriched by inputs e outputs, a non-place where creativity and technology blend perfectly together. Every day, we are committed to building a corporate culture based on involvement, where everybody can express their potential and translate it into something extraordinary.

Fototessera Valentina
Fototessera Valentina fun

Her hair is a jungle: legends tell of pens and pencils scattered among his beautiful curls. Run for your life!

Valentina Ferrario

Product Owner

foto normale Marzia
foto divertente Marzia

Marzia loves music and she is determined, practical and idealist; but ask her little girl, she would reveal her mommy is a pretty funny person.

Marzia Netti

Quality Assurance Engineer

Fototessera Michele Forti
Fototessera Michele Forti fun

What can a computer scientist wear to work from home? Michele suggests a blanket knotted under the neck and you immediately feel like a superhero!

Michele Forti

Software Engineer

foto normale Eleonora

Eleonora always think outside of the box: Supplì is king, the seaside is better during winter time and parmesan sweetheart can only be… the fish!

Eleonora Canestri

Business Development Manager

foto normale Carol
foto divertente Carol

If you ask her, Easter should happen on a regular Tuesday, so she could tour around with skiing or with her furry angels by her side.

Carol Roselli

Inside Sales


He is one of the few who didn't like "La casa de Papel": for him Tokyo, Berlin and Lisbon are just some destinations of his next trips, with Harry Potter marathon during the flight!

Marco Legramandi

Software Engineer

Fototessera Marian
Fototessera Marian fun

He cannot say no to a request for help/ favours. What are you waiting for to share your wish list with him? We have already lined up our requests!

Marian Benchea

IBM Power i Expert

foto normale Anna
foto simpatica Anna

Anna used to be a traveler and a boxing coach, now she is a mum to a baby boy and two kittens. The thing that never change? The love for Pizza!

Anna Sgarbi


Fototessera Tiziano
Fototessera Tiziano fun


After work, he loves taking pictures. The transition from programmer to photographer is immediate for him!






Tiziano Tremolada

Squad Coach

Roy Restuccia
Roy Restuccia

If you are looking for him, you can find him next to a guitar or eating a plate of spaghetti!

Roy Restuccia

Enterprise Project Management



As a real Neapolitan, her greatest passion is coffee: the perfect fuel to fuel her ideas!

Giulia Nappi

UI/UX Specialist

foto normale Silvana
foto divertente Silvana

Silvana’s favorite things are: her kneading machine, making dinner with and for friends and..her hot water bottle, ask her why!

Silvana Picciani

Product Owner