The Method

We listen Carefully

Hinto - Method - Listen

Everything starts with understanding the framework. We work closely with you to be sure we have all the necessary input to define and reach the goals you set. We know that the best way to understand it is to do it by listening, making use of customer development interviews, gamestorming, workshops and data analytics.

We define Analytically

Hinto - Method - Define

There are no certainties without data, just opinions. Data help us pinpoint the different scenarios and the possible solutions related to them. Step by step, we define together the strategy and the opportunities deriving from it, creating meaningful clusters, grouping the personas and -through business/experience canvas- adding a complete overview which will guide us during the prototyping phase.

We conceive Visually (and prototype)

Hinto - Method - Conceive

We help you generate new ideas (and understand if they work) with brainstorming, sketching and rapid prototyping. Together, we create technical and design solutions so that you can always give us a precise and accurate feedback in order to explore together possible alternatives. Once we have defined the functional prototype through wireframes, graphic interface and interactions, we help you validate it with expert reviews, usability and guerilla testing.

We identify Technologically

Hinto - Method - Identify

We like considering each project as a tailored challenge: for us who make it, for the people who use the interfaces and for you, the one with a vision and a goal to achieve it. For this reason, we think that “beautiful is not enough”: we develop and integrate the most suitable technologies to your digital product, so that it is highly performing and extraordinary to use, every single day.

Our skills

We choose Carefully

Hinto - Method - Choose

The force of a successful project is also defined by the people who make it possible. We give your project to enthusiastic and competent professionals who will be part of a team that you too will join. Roles, technologies and methodologies will be defined to work in an agile way both in frontend and backend.

The team

We test (and let us be tested)

Hinto - Metodo - Test

At the end of each developing sprint, we will ask your evaluations and feedback. We consider different QA and testing moments, both internal and external. We are always willing to experiment; we love receiving answers that force us evolve and create always better digital products.

We deliver Happily

Hinto - Method - Deliver

When delivering the product, we are always extremely enthusiastic. We will provide you with the prototype and its possible infrastructural implementation, based on kubernetes, openstack, Amazon aws, on premises. In case we are in charge of the maintenance, we will immediately start to run a new cycle. Same method, new challenges.