Magento vs. PrestaShop

Ecommerce platforms in comparison

Magento vs. PrestaShop

eCommerce: Magento and PrestaShop

As we have already mentioned in our last blog’s article: Woocommerce vs. Drupal Commerce , the e-commerce sector has grown considerably over the past few years.
The Covid-19 emergency has influenced this process even more exponentially, recording on March 8th an increase of 90% of this sector compared to the same period of the previous year.
Every day the number of online purchases and the percentage of new users who choose to rely on this channel increases: whether it is to buy pet care products, food or beauty, the sales process takes place online in most cases.
We can really talk about a “ boom” of the e-commerce sector caused by this period of lockdown.
We continue in this article, our comparison between the most consolidated and used e-commerce platforms.
Today the protagonists will be Magento and Prestashop, both open source.


Magento is considered one of the leading e-commerce platforms, it was developed in 2008 by the American company Varien.

What can you do out of the box with Magento?

• You are able to build a well-structured, professional e-commerce, designed to support you for a medium/long period of time.

•You can rely on the community: being one of the most used open source e-commerce platforms in the world, it has a wide and well-established community that can offer you free and paid support.

• You can quickly create an interactive and customizable e-commerce suitable for both desktop screens and mobile devices, with an eye always aimed at optimizing the SEO part.

• You can manage your product catalog efficiently and adaptively. Magento allows the client to  see the product detail through a built in “zoom” function which allows him/her to see the products in a more complete way.

Creating your own e-commerce with Magento is not easy. We advise you to rely on Magento’s Experts who can support you through the configuration and installation. Alternatively, you can always rely on Magento’s Community.


Prestashop is a CMS. It was born in 2007.
Today is estimated that 100 Prestashop stores are created every day: open source, available in 75 languages, used in 195 different countries, is now one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the world.
Prestashop is suitable for medium/small companies that want to create their e-commerce in a short time and with ease.

What can you do out of the box with Prestashop?

  • With Prestashop you can create your own e-commerce, fully customizable.
  •  Installing Prestashop is simple, fast and intuitive. Therefore, no special skills are required to proceed with the installation.
  •  Rely on the Support Community (native: English/French/Spanish), always ready to help you.
  • Offers the possibility to optimize SEO, thanks to the possibility to connect with some of the most important tools in the industry





Medium (thanks to the support of the community always ready to help you might succeed on your own but you might need some expert support) 


Catalogue management

You can create interactive product catalogues (see:”zoom function”)

Simple and fast with SEO product optimization capability

Content Management



Target market

Big/medium enterprises

Medium/ enterprises


Completely free.

You can ask more support to the Community activating a paid service or paid plugin.

“Magento Commerce” available with an annual license only for official Magento’s partners. 


Completely free.



Very safe.
Ability to add plugins to strengthen this factor.


Very safe.

Social Integration/Marketing Inbound

Ability to connect your store with social media platforms.

Ability to connect your store with social media platforms.




Mobile Responsive

Mobile friendly

Fully responsive by default


Considered one of the best platforms for the SEO optimization

Ability to use different SEO performance modules


Cross selling vs. upselling

A lot of good possibilities.
The product page and checkout can be easily customized.



Good possibilities.
Interesting cross selling options.



It depends on the chosen theme or who makes it

It depends on the chosen theme or who makes it

Usability of the administration area



In conclusion, choosing the best platform for you depends on the needs and size of your business.
Magento is perfect for those companies that want to invest in a more advanced ecommerce solution.

PrestaShop, on the other hand, is easier to configure and adapts well to the needs of small/medium-sized businesses.
Surely what we can say is that both deserve to be considered when you start to reflect on the possibility of opening your own e-commerce.

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