Interview with Richard Wright - Head of EMEA at Hasura

Let’s find out more about Hasura and the advantages of its use.

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On June 7th we organized, together with our partner Hasura,  the  event "Hasura: quickly create high-performance APIs starting from your data". We explored the platform and the benefits that come by using an API building layer: quick and effective access to data.

We took the chance to have a chat  with Richard Wright, Head of EMEA at Hasura, on the potential of the tool and on how Hasura can become a strategic asset for companies.

What are the main advantages for a company or startup that wants to start using Hasura?

 We really help orgs move at pace, removing some of the repeatable tasks , aggregating their underlying data, freeing up time to get them focused on innovation, not just keeping the lights on.  Most customers tell us that they see significant acceleration in time to market as a result on the impact we make on reducing development times. 

What additional features does the Enterprise version offer that are not available in the base version?

 Our Enterprise offering provides first class customer support, giving our customers the ability to leverage our technical experts to better architect their environments and to help them work through any related technical issues they might have.  Aside from that, Enterprise has a variety of features to help drive better performance from things like caching, to read replicas to support of such popular things as Snowflake, Oracle & MongoDB. We are seeing clients drive down their ongoing cloud costs, improving their efficiency, simplifying their development efforts, as well as many more benefits as a result of leveraging the Enterprise feature set.

In your experience with clients, what is the average development time savings compared to building REST or GraphQL APIs that a company can expect? 

It really depends on their current state and what they are trying to achieve. We’ve seen large customers with a goal of getting new development work completed in 4 years get it done in 1 yr and smaller orgs that planned on a 3 month dev cycle shrinking it to a matter of days. The opportunity to significantly impact the pace at which an org operates is real and we see daily.
Real examples: Philips felt they got a 2-4 year undertaking done in just under a year by leveraging Hasura, Pulley cut dev time down 50%.

Is it safe to use the cloud version of Hasura? Will I expose my company's data to potential security breaches? What security standards does Hasura have? Do you have ISO 27001 certification?

ISO27001, Soc 2 type 2…..we’ve got some of the largest, highly regulated businesses on Hasura Cloud

For clients with applications that heavily rely on the backend and have high Requests per Second, can Hasura guarantee excellent performance?

 Guarantee is a scary word for me, but based on the results we’ve had with others I’d feel confident we can drive a level of performance that meets or exceeds their expectations

A strategic asset for companies

To sum up, we can confirm that Hasura proposes a real "standard" for companies that want to access their data quickly, efficiently and paying attention to security, of course, a crucial point in these kind of processes.

We  are proud to be partners of this reality and we want to thank Richard and the team for their presence and knowledge sharing.

If you want to learn more about Hasura, or if you think it is the perfect match for your projects, contact our team of experts: we are ready to create something extraordinary together.


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