Hasura and Hinto® : a partnership in API and Data Source Integration

Hasura and Hinto® partner to accelerate Data Source Integrations and build GraphQL powered Data Access Layers for organisations.

Hasura e Hinto: partnership in ambito API e Data Source Integration

Hinto® is officially a partner of Hasura, the tool that allows you to create instant GraphQL APIs by merging data from different sources. Find out more!
It's official: Hinto has entered into a partnership with Hasura, a company that offers a decidedly cutting-edge tool on the market in the Data Access Infrastructure space to accelerate API development and Data Source Integrations.
Hasura's mission is clear: to make access to data fast, secure, and scalable. A challenge that at Hinto we fully share.
Many customers turn to our development team because they are looking for solutions that can make data accessible quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide flexible and performant solutions, which are able to adapt perfectly to the specific realities that use them.
The choice of Hasura as a partner stems from the desire to be at the forefront in a world where data is a fundamental asset for any project. In this context, the issue of Data Integration is becoming increasingly important and requires innovative tools to improve speed with which data driven applications can be built. 
By data integration, we mean the process of merging data from several different sources that passes through several phases to reach a final output that can now be accessed with a single unified GraphQL API. This drastically reduces the development time required in integrating each data source and building custom APIs for applications.
Contribue to the success of the business.

Hasura and it's potential

What can be done with Hasura? The product allows you to integrate your organization's data by building a powerful, secure, and flexible GraphQL API, capable of querying data in your databases, HTTP services, serverless functions, and third-party APIs.
One of the main difficulties of companies is to make data sources that speak different languages communicate with each other, in order to obtain a single and easily usable output. The functioning of Hasura's engine is precisely that of data aggregator, which are integrated from multiple sources and translated into a unique language, suitable for creating powerful, fast and modern applications: a facilitator that simplifies access to data by instantly creating a GraphQL API powered by all your data sources, of any type.
The dynamic approach allows development teams to exploit Hasura's full potential, adapting it to specific needs. GraphQL, the server-side query language for application programming interfaces, can only provide clients with the data they need. The idea behind it is to make the APIs fast and intuitive for all developers, using a single call.

Discover Hasura and start exploiting the potential of your data!

If you need to unify your company's data, integrating website, CRM, database, marketing software, sales support systems, and other data sources and you are looking for a cutting-edge solution, contact us to learn about Hasura and its potential.
Hinto® is the first Italian partner of the suite and is ready to contribute to your success: contact us to find out more!

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